AD9912   1 GHz DDS

This new AD9912 DDS is, for radio amateur applications, the best solution today available.

My laboratory test demonstrate that his spurious performance and frequency extension overcome all others DDS produced.

See my last measurements and comparison with AD9951.

AD9912 190 MHz output ( Clock 1 GHz )Analyzer span= 200 MHz

158 MHz with old AD9951 ( clock 500 MHz )Analyzer span= 200 MHz

AD9912 Frequency extension test: 400 MHz output ( clock 1 GHz )Analyzer span= 500 MHz


A new DDS PCB  compatible with my AD9951 board. is now available.

So old project can be easily update to extend the frequency  coverage  to VHF and UHF bands with better SFDR.

Also my SRDx receiver can be updated easily because DDS is installed as plug-in to obtain the better spurious free SDR receiver today available.

First AD9912 board tested

First 1GHz reference for Ad9912

DDS controller ED3

Rear of DDS controller with the AD9912 board plugged


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