I0CG SDRx  receiver and SDRx_TRX transceiver project

1,8 - 30 MHz +50 MHz general coverage


 This new project uses my AD99912 DDS board ( 14 Bit 1GHz DDS) and the PIC panel used in several others my project

See photo of the main PCB with the DDS board and automatic preselector fitted.


This board can be driven directly for a PC LPT1 port with WINRAD receiver of I2PHD but can be used also as stand-alone receiver with proprietary control panel where is possible tuning ( via an optical encoder ) and many others features ( see the attached PDF descriptions if interested ).

Features of  Panel version are descibed in this document realated to SDR SW 3.7

The PC is always necessary but only to perform I/Q demodulations.

Any I/Q demodulations PC tools can be used to use this SDR receiver.

See the electrical characteristics ( Panel version)

·        Tuning via an optical encoder

·        Tuning steps selectable between 1 Hz and 1 MHz

·        Auto-step for quick frequency excursions

·        Attenuator optionally selectable

·        Preamplifier optionally selectable

·        Dedicated keys for the HAM o SWL bands

·        Two VFO ( VFO-A and VFO-B )

·        Memory read and memory write

·        Scan mode between two programmable limits

·        Memory scan

·        RIT

·        Frequency SPLIT (when used with the upcoming TX module)

·        Frequency directly settable via the PC keyboard

SDR configurations:

1) as black box : WINRAD receiver. ( monoband or with general coverage HF only or HF+50 MHz  )

2) with PIC control panel ( monoband or with general coverage HF only or HF+50 MHz  )

See photo of full options assembly ( PIC panel,  AD9912 DDS board, preselector and 1000 MHz reference and enclosure )

Download the .wav record of 50 MHz band ( .wav file is about 50 MB long!)

To listen the .wav file use WINRAD of I2PHD

SDRX receiver panel

SDRX rear panel. Note that SDRx can be used also as low noise gnerator in the band 1-430 MHz

--------------------------------------------- SDRX_TRX project--------------------------------------------

Adding some new boards as : I/Q SSB generator, 10 Watts PA and TX filter board ( ALEX HPSDR board) also a TRX can be implemented

 SDRx_TRX  transceiver  working

See also my SDRx_TRX  PowerPoint presentation here



My new Stand-alone SDR-TRX project based on an Intel ATOM 330 PC

see my presentation in SDR MODENA Symposium in 3-2009 here: modena_2009.pdf

see my presentation in SDR MODENA Symposium in 4-2010 here: modena_20010.pdf




SDRx-TRX with PC inside presented in Pordenone convention 2009 (photo: I2PHD)

Now SDT-2011 is ready and available as KIT or no soldering KIT, see the SN_05(March 2011 )

home-page: www.i0cg.com

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