Ten Tec RX320 Control Panel

For more informatios of RX320 see the TEN TEC WEB  Page

New control panel (oct. 2011)can be used also for PCR-1000 as in the photo

My friend Beppe (IK3VIG)has inserted Panel, speaker and the RX320 into a wood Box.

this is Wolfgang (DD7ZW) implementation

this is WB7LP implementation

this is KC4KIN implementation

...and this is KH6L implementation




PCB back  and front side

kit materials


I made  an hardware control panel for Ten Tec RX320 HF  PC  receiver .

This receiver is working great! The PC interface is very nice but, sometime, can be useful have also an hardware control panel to use it. (i.e. portable use)

This controller can be fit on RX320  front panel


    • Display with 2 x 16 characters LCD. First line for frequency display (1 Hz resolution)and RX mode  and the second line for mode display (selectivity, frequency tuning step, Agc, memory read/write and so on)

    • Frequency tuning with optic or mechanical encoder like a standard receiver

    • operation via 8 key

    • 20 channel memory

    • frequency scanning

    • operation via an Infrared remote controller (normal universal TV)

    • very low interferences to the receiver

    • complite control with regular TV  IR controller

    • direct frequency dialing with TV IR controller


    • Complete Kit is available  (also assembled and tested )

    • Programmed PIC 18F2620 available (V1.2).With V1.2 added a new feature: frequency restore of last frequency used when controller is switched on.

    • PCB available

    Download the Operation manual (new 2010) panel_rx320.pdf

    For any information related this project write to

    home-page: www.i0cg.com