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Power meter panel

Back side

Log detector

The power meter uses two   Logarithmic Amplifier detectors  (A & B on the display)

 The Log used is Analog Devices AD98307


I used this circuit to make my power meter with this features:

Analog Data are  processed and  displayed on  2 x 16 LCD display

With external directional coupler SWR is displayed too

PCB and  programmed pic available on request


Download Power meter v2 pdf documentation

Download Log. detector documentation

Nel file PDF che segue c' l'articolo comparso su Radio Kit di Giugno aggiornato come testo e piastre circuito stampato

Documentazione in italiano Power meter

Documentazione in italiano log. detector

Power meter + network function

Adding a DDS board to the power meter a Network funtion is performed.

Network uses an AD9851 DDS to perform Sinusoidal generation 1Hz - 80 MHz;



 The DDS board

Download DDS board documentation

Download documentazione in italiano DDS AD9851 Board

Crystal filter displayed on PC with this network

With the use of Netscope program, see related Netscope link, a graphic rappresentation on PC is possible.

Another project with DDS: Digital VFO : AD9912 DDS Digital VFO


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