AD9957 DDS & 1-400 MHz up converter

I am working on a new DDS project based on the Analog Device AD9957

This DDS is able to generate a sinusoidal waveform as a standard DDS ( see my web page related to AD9951 or AD9912 ) or to generate a SSB signal if a digital modulation is supplied to the device.

I am working also on a DSPIC board able to supply Digital modulation to the AD9957 on the Serial modulation INPUT

Project status:

1)AD9957 PCB is now working (20 February 2010)

2)the I/Q digital modulation generator: now working ...see photo PCB

AD9957 board, first sample working (20 February 2010)

I/Q Digital modulator with AD9957 inside is now working (25-7-2010)

I/Q SMD version of Digital modulator (ED2) with AD9957 board inside

I/Q Digital modulator fitted on the Control panel (25-7-2010)

control panel of digital transmitter (25-7-2010)

The DSPIC modulator is able to supply also the analog AF modulation with two external D/A

The Firmware for the DSPIC part of this project is a new work of my friend Alberto I2PHD

 First prototype: SDRX with the TX SSB generator(10 W out 1-50 MHz)

 My last TRX prototype

 20 W PA Project by IK0OTG used in the SDT_2011

See this link to download a wav audio compatible with Winrad: link to .WAV file

see my presentation: SDR MODENA Symposium (4-2010) here: modena_20010.pdf

Now Mechanical is ready (February 2011 )

Now SDT-2011 is ready and available as KIT or no soldering KIT, see here SN_05(March 2011 )

SDT_2011 with Atom PC assembled in the same enclosure

I2PHD presentation: Convention Digital & Radio communications (2/3-10-2010 Montagna (BZ) )here: presentazione_i2phd.pdf

Here the english version.....: presentazione_i2phd.pdf

RTX block Diagram

Note that TX part can be used also inside a tradional analog TRX (PC is not necessary in the TX part)

The new DDS board can be fitted in my SDRx receiver (pin to pin compatible with the old AD9912 board) to be used as local oscillator or as SSB /AM/ FM generator (0 dBm output).  See more on my page related to the SDRx-TRX project

See RX demo of SDRX_TRX with AD9957 as local oscillator when in RX and DUC in TX (please use Winrad ) : SDRX_TRX demo

Download the operation manual , scarica il manuale operativo in italiano : manuale in Italiano, ed_14

youtube CW demo

SSB QSO demo

CW in contest QSO demo

More info: ask to

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